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ZZ Plant Care & Maintenance Light Level: This plant likes bright, indirect light. Avoid direct sunlight, as this can scorch the leaves of your plants. Water: This plant is highly drought-tolerant and can handle infrequent watering. You should generally...

How to Spice up Your Fall Patio

Happy October! Make the most out of bonfire season by soaking up the last bit of fall weather. Whether it’s having a bonfire, watching football, or having a social hour, you want your patio to fit the season. Here are a few ways to spice up your patio for fall! Start...


Neanthe Bella Palm Care & Maintenance Light Level: This plant likes indirect sunlight. Too much direct sun can scorch the leaves. To achieve the right balance with your Neanthe Bella Palm, turn or rotate it regularly for more even light distribution....
Home Decor Ideas for Fall 

Home Decor Ideas for Fall 

It is officially the fall season and we’re ready to get decorating! Here are some must haves to decorate your home this season. First, let’s start with some decor that your porch will love. Fall Inspired Door Mats These are easy to switch out for every season. Find...

Houseplants for Back to School

Houseplants for Back to School

With fall just around the corner, it means time for students to go back to school - and back to college! A houseplant can be the perfect addition to any college dorm or apartment for their beauty, calming effect, and air purifying properties. Today we’ll look at a few...

Cooking With Herbs

Cooking With Herbs

Looking for an easy way to step up your cooking? What better way to do so than with all the flavors of fresh herbs that you can grow yourself! Fresh herbs add vibrancy and enhance the flavors of any dish. In today’s blog, we’ll learn a bit about different types of...

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