Happy October! Make the most out of bonfire season by soaking up the last bit of fall weather. Whether it’s having a bonfire, watching football, or having a social hour, you want your patio to fit the season. Here are a few ways to spice up your patio for fall!

Start with a firepit

While we love summer bonfires, bonfires in fall are great to keep you warm and cozy. Many of our patio sets offer firepits. This way you can enjoy the cold weather, without freezing too much. 

Mix colors and textures 

Add some texture to your patio furniture with different pillows and blankets. This will not only keep you warm, but it will add to the fall aesthetic. Think of soft and rough textures. Soft textures like knitted blankets or to make the atmosphere feel more cozy. Rough textures are natural elements like straw, wood, and woven materials. Rough textures will make your area more rustic.

Light up your space

As much as we love fall, we don’t love the sun setting earlier. Think about how you want to illuminate your space to get the most out of your day. Try real or battery-operated lights like candles, torches, and lamps. Try using a light as a centerpiece for something more lowkey. Or use torches to illuminate your outdoor space for more drama. 

Fall Plants

Going along with adding textures, add some plants to your patio space. Think of fall annual plants like kale and mums. Something as simple as a potted mum or succulent pumpkin can elevate your space. It will also bring in some natural elements to contrast with your patio set.


Nothing says fall like pumpkin spice. Create a tablescape with gourds, squash, and everything in between. Gather what you have and cluster them on your patio table. Or grab a basket and fill it with your favorite pumpkins. Our heirloom pumpkins are great stackables that can go right next to your patio set. 

However, you set up your patio, make it true to your style! Happy designing!