A staple of any garden is the perennial.

These are the plants that bloom year after year, unlike annuals that last only for one season.

At Farmer John’s Greenhouse, we offer a wide variety of perennials to maximize your budget. Our team will help to educate you on the best selection for your garden, and help you consider important factors such as sun or shade, dry soil or clay.

Since many perennials bloom for only 3 to 4 weeks each year, dying back during the winter, selection is important. With the correct balance you can enjoy staggered blooms improving the overall look of your garden.

Some perennials to consider adding to your landscape


Prominent, showy flowers for a picture perfect garden. Over a hundred varieties.


The “perfect” shady perennial; elegant, forgiving and low-maintenance.


A hardy, eloquent choice for your garden that is available in many shapes, forms, sizes, and colors.

various grasses

From Blue Fescue to Zebra grass.


A timeless, classic favorite that blooms for over 100 years.

When choosing a perennial it’s important to keep in mind, that many types need a year or two to get established and make maximum blooms. The old English adage for perennials is “First year sleeps, second year creeps, and third year leaps,” but the reward of watching your perennials bloom year after year is worth the wait.

And since Farmer John’s Home & Garden only offers superior quality plants, you can be assured you will be able to enjoy their natural beauty for extended weeks or months.

Whether you are looking for one hanging basket or one hundred flats of flowers, Proven Winners is the one choice that you won’t have to worry about when it comes to the quality of the selection.

Farmer John’s is proud to be a Proven Winner Certified Garden Center. We carry a vast selection of Proven Winner plant material. For more information visit

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