– Your yard/patio space

Make sure to measure the area where you plan to place your grill as to avoid trying to put a too-big grill in a too-small space. Give grills adequate space around them for fire prevention.

– Do you prefer Gas or Charcoal?

A debate as old as time, gas vs charcoal. Charcoal enthusiasts will say that the smoky flavor is more apparent when using charcoal. However, some modern gas grills come with flavorizer bars that help infuse the smoky flavor. Additionally, gas grills are quicker to heat, saving you time. They also provide more control for the user in terms of the heat distribution. By adjusting the burners, you can go from high searing heat to low and slow cooking quickly. Gas grills tend to run more expensive, however, making charcoal the more affordable option.

– What is your Lifestyle

When selecting a grill, it’s important to consider your lifestyle. First question to ask is how much food you’ll be cooking when in use. Matching a grill to the size of your family is the best bet to be prepared for summer cookouts. Don’t just consider your immediate family too; do you invite the neighbors over for Sunday grilling each week? They need to be added into the equation to truly select the perfect grill for your lifestyle. Another question to ask yourself about your lifestyle is will the grill be stationed in one spot or do you plan on traveling with it? Purchasing a gas grill for travel may not be the smartest choice because of the large propane tank, unless it’s our traveler series that can easily be attached to a smaller portable propane tank.

Let’s Look at our Three Main Varieties of Grills for Dad

– Our Spirit Grills are made for families of 2-6 and range in price from $450-$850. These are an excellent choice for those looking to get that delicious grilled taste but have a smaller patio or backyard space. With its compact design the Spirit Grill is a great buy if you plan on grilling just a few times a season.

– Moving on, the next step up would be our Genesis Grills. These mid-rage grills typically fall in between $780-$1300 and can comfortably feed a family of 4-10. Being a top-seller at Farmer John’s, this model is a perfect fit for a family looking to grill once or twice a week during the season.  An excellent choice for the home griller. Is your dad both a griller and a techie? Then do we have the perfect grill for him! The Genesis II SX-335 Smart Grill from Weber lets him stay connected no matter where he is. Through a smart phone app this smart-grill lets you view the cook time, grill & food temperature and fuel levels. Once the steaks are a perfect medium-rare he’ll get a notification to his phone. This style also includes a side burner for all the extra veggies and sauces needed to create a perfect cookout meal.

– Consider yourself a grill master? Then check out our Summit Grill selection! Although different models vary in size, a Summit can feed approximately 6-14 people. Looking for the mac-daddy of all grills? Look no further than the Weber Summit S-670. This six-burner beauty will make you the envy of every backyard BBQ. With three different cooking options; grill, rotisserie and smoker, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, as mentioned above, some gas grills include flavorizing bars to help infuse the delicious smoky charcoal flavor into gas grilled products; and the Summit S-670 is one of them.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Grills

Stainless steel or cast-iron grates?

While both create delicious meals, there are some pros and cons to both. Cast iron grates retain more heat and typically provide better non-stick properties meaning your food will flip easier. However, stainless steel grates have a better protection against rust or erosion, and they are considered easier to clean.  If you’re struggling to choose between the two, you can always purchase both types of grates for your grill or smoker.

Enamel lids vs. stainless steel lids?

In our store you’ll notice both stainless steel lids and enamel lids. Enamel lids come in a variety of colors such as black, copper and blue, while stainless steel is traditionally silver. While neither negatively affect the cooking process of your weber grill, we’ve noticed that stainless steel lids seem to show more smudges, dings and scratches compared to enamel. However, there is nothing quite like the fresh shine on a newly purchased stainless steel lid.

Do I need to purchase an additional warranty? Answer is NO! Weber provides up to a 10-year warranty top-to-bottom on all their products. Please see an associate for details.

How do I safely transport my new grill? We are able to provide free local delivery from Farmer John’s Greenhouse to your backyard on your Weber grill purchase.