As the world gets back to traveling you may be ready to head out of town for a bit. But what about your plant babies you worked so hard to grow? Leaving on vacation doesn’t have to mean phoning a friend to take care of your indoor jungle. Today we are learning about an easy way to keep your houseplants watered while you’re on vacation. 

Note how long your trip is, if it’s less than a week you may not need to worry. Anything a week or longer means you may wanna do some prepping. Plants like herbs and indoor vegetable gardens need attention while you’re away. Succulents and cacti would rather be left alone while you’re gone. They can go much longer without water. Either way, make sure you give your plant babies a before you leave. 

Maintaining Moisture: Check what type of pot you have. Some pots, ceramic for instance, will hold in moisture better than others. Learn more about what pot you’re using in our article about picking the perfect pot.

This way you’ll be able to decide if your plant is going to hold water during your trip. Moving pots to shady or areas with indirect sun will keep them hydrated a bit longer. If your home tends to be super dry, try grouping tropical plants together for added humidity. Repot if necessary so they won’t be rootbound when you get back.

Watering Globes: You may have seen these cute bulbs here at Farmer John’s. They are perfect for if you’re heading out of town for a week or two. Watering globes work by releasing water into your soil. Start with wet soil, this will help the globe seal. Next, fill the globe up with water, place a finger over the spout and place it into the soil. Make sure the globe is deep and secure in the soil so it doesn’t release water too quickly. To make sure this method is effective, do a test run by checking the water level after a few hours. If the water level hasn’t changed there may be soil stuck in its spout. Clean it out and try again! Watering globes are used for more than vacation. Watering globes are great for those who forget about their 

DIY Watering Globe: Don’t have time to head to the store? All you’ll need is a wine bottle, beer bottle, or a plastic 2 liter bottle, get creative! Find a bottle that’s a good size for your plant and the time you will be away. Make sure your soil is already wet then fill your bottle of choice like you would a watering globe. Follow the same directions as you would a watering globe and there you go!

Now you’re able to enjoy your time away without worrying about your indoor jungle. Bon voyage!