Nothing says Christmas like poinsettias. They’re associated with Christmas because they bloom at this time of year in its native region. This gorgeous, bold plant is native to Mexico where it was used by the Aztecs for medical and decorative purposes. So you’ve gifted yourself or have been gifted a poinsettia, now what? Here are some of Farmer John’s tips and tricks to care for your poinsettia. 

Before getting or giving a poinsettia, remember they are toxic to cats and dogs. So you wouldn’t want to give one to someone with pets. 

When it comes to taking care of them, the key is not to overwater. Overwatering will lead to your plant wilting. Water when the leaves start to curl or when the soil is noticeably dry. Allow for water to flow out the bottom making sure water doesn’t puddle up at the roots.

When finding a place for your plant, keep it away from drafts or dramatic temperature drops. Place your poinsettia near a well lit area, indirect sunlight works perfectly. There’s no need to fertilize or repot. 

Poinsettias come in many different colors and sizes so we at Farmer John’s hope you find the right one for you. Make sure to like and subscribe for more tips. We’ll see you soon!