Peace lilies are known as the bringers of peace. These air purifying plants are among the easiest
plants to care for.

Light level: Peace lilies enjoy medium to low light. Placing them in low light will promote more of the traditional green foliage while medium-light promotes more white leaves/flowers. Water needs: A common mistake is overwatering. Actually, they are quite tolerant of under watering and should never be watered on a schedule. Perfect for first-time plant parents, you can wait until the peace lily starts to droop before watering. They will perk right up soon after!

Fertilizing requirements: Peace lilies do not need frequent fertilizing and can be fertilized twice a year with a balanced fertilizer (2-2-2, 10-10-10, etc.). “Indoor! Houseplant Food” by Espoma or Jack’s Classic All Purpose are among our favorites at Farmer John’s.

Repotting: Peace lilies generally don’t need to be repotted until you notice the plant drooping less than a week after being watered. When repotting, move to a container 2 inches larger than its current pot. After repotting give the plant a dose of fertilizer, ensure there is proper drainage in the new container, and sufficient sunlight if moving. Wipe down the plant leaves once a year to help it process sunlight better.

Come in and visit our selection of peace lilies where we can answer any further questions at Farmer John’s Greenhouse.