You can plant your bulbs from early September to the beginning of November, before the ground freezes.

Pick out the area that you would like to plant your bulbs. Make sure you have good soil for them. You can use a bulb planter or a shovel.

There are different depths to plant each type of bulb at. The rule of thumb is to plant them 2-3 times deep as their diameter. Crocus 2in – Daffodils 5in Tulips 4in – Hyacinths 4in Allium 5in

Use either Bulb Tone or Bone Meal. If using Bulb Tone to plant individual bulbs, put 11⁄2 tsp per bulb, cover with soil, then lightly water. If doing a row, mix 11⁄2 tsp into the soil per 25 ft, and lightly water.

If you use Bone Meal to plant individual bulbs, do 1 tsp per bulb, then lightly water. If you are doing a larger area, apply at the rate of 10 lbs per 100 sq ft, rake it into the soil, then water.

Now you will have beautiful bulbs in the spring!