Happy Holidays! Today we’ll be going over some holiday outfit ideas that will hopefully make getting dressed this holiday season as easy and festive as possible. No matter what your occasion is, our boutique has you covered. We will be discussing outfits from dressy to cozy to casual, so get your closet ready and let’s get started.

First off, remember you don’t need an entirely new outfit for the holiday season. You can build and reimagine pieces you already have, then go from there.  

Here are some outfits to try:

Colorful and Dressy

Our first look focuses on color. Find a dress in your closet with a festive color and work from there. We pulled this gorgeous red velvet dress from the Farmer John’s boutique. Now you’re able to style and layer. Look through your closet at pieces you never thought could be festive, and try it out. Pull some tights with a fun pattern and some statement shoes. Or make a statement through makeup by adding a bold lip and stunning jewelry. Your accessories can dress a look up or down depending on how you style. 

Classy and Neutral

Time to pull out your little black dress and revamp it for the holidays. Dress it up with bold earrings and a jacket. We recommend dangling emerald earrings to stay festive. Or you can dress it down by pulling a sweater over it, so your dress turns into a skirt. Fold the sweater under itself, and there you have a completely different look just by adding a layer. We went with this icey blue sweater to go on top of a long black dress. Then pulled some silver jewelry to go with the higher neckline of the sweater. 

Sleek and Confident 

For this next look, if you still want to be dressed up, but don’t want to wear a dress, this is for you. We decided to go with leather pants paired with an emerald satin top. Mixing these two fabrics creates a glamorous look without having to wear a dress. We paired it again with jewelry from our boutique to add some sparkle. 

Cute and Cozy

Our last outfit suggestion is the most comfortable look. It is perfect to wear to a casual holiday party or shopping for Christmas gifts. It’s easy to turn an everyday outfit into a festive holiday outfit just by focusing on the colors you choose. We decided to go with a plaid scarf with hints of red, navy and green. We paired it with a simple white sweater and blue jeans with white sneakers.