Nothing is more festive than the perfect holiday mantel. Whether you go traditional or try something new, your mantel will be the showstopper in your home. It’s important to note that each of our associates builds their mantel a little differently. There is more than one way to make the perfect mantel. If at any point you need a visual, check out our youtube demonstration here:


  • Wood Board (4 inches shorter than your mantel)
  • Pipe Cleaners (optional)
  • Floral Wire
  • Staple Gun
  • Hot Glue
  • Base Garland
  • Decorative Garland 
  • Decorative Picks/ Ornaments
  • String Lights
  • Ribbon

When choosing your supplies try to match them to a theme. Ask yourself, are you looking to go more traditional or modern? Do you have a focus color? Are you looking to match the decor of your tree? These questions will help you select the best decorations before starting your mantel. 

Step 1: Set Up

Start by measuring your mantel, your board should be 4 inches shorter than your actual mantel. We recommend wrapping pipe cleaners around your wood base, so it doesn’t scratch your mantel. Start by fluffing your base garland. P.S. you’ll be fluffing your garland throughout the entire process as you add different elements. 

Step 2: Add in Decorative Garland

Add a decorative garland over your base. Take a branch from your base and wrap it around the decorative garland to attach it. As you go, fluff the decorative garland to intertwine with the base. Periodically wrap your base around the decorative garland making sure it’s attached. When finished, place the garland on your wood board.

Step 3: Attach to your Board

Next, decide how you want your garland to sit on your mantel. Ex. play around and see if you want it more forward on your mantel or further back and sitting upright. From there you can start stapling branches on the back half of your board. 

Step 4: Lights

Some of our associates like to decorate before putting on the lights, while others recommend lights first. Do what feels right for your mantel. Keep in mind the position of your outlet before stringing your lights. Start from one end where your outlet will be and work your way over to the other side. Start to wrap your lights onto your garland. Once you get to your edges you can wrap closer and further into the greens. On the top of your garland, you can start to weave your lights up and down in a zig-zag pattern weaving in and out. Make sure you get a good depth throughout the lights in your garland. The lights you have left you can weave back through until you’ve used it up. 

Step 5: Decorative Picks

Now it’s time to bring in your creativity! If necessary, cut down your picks to desired length. To get more out of your pick you may be able to cut down to smaller pieces. This all depends on how many you want to use, how full you want it, etc. From there, start placing them in your garland. Don’t glue anything until you’re satisfied with the location of your decorative elements. Then when you’re ready to glue, dip the end of your pick in hot glue and attach to the desired area. If attaching ornaments… There’s no specific way to place your decor, so get creative!

Step 6: Ribbon

Ribbon is another thing that can be placed as you please. Our associate Kailyn starts with wrapping ribbon at the start of your garland with floral wire. She starts wrapping the ribbon on the hanging garland, using floral wire to attach the ribbon. Then, she’ll start using branches to attach the ribbon, putting it in a zigzag pattern similar to the lights. Ribbon can either stay crisp around the edges or you can wrinkle your ribbon.