It is officially the fall season and we’re ready to get decorating! Here are some must haves to decorate your home this season.

First, let’s start with some decor that your porch will love.

  1. Fall Inspired Door Mats

These are easy to switch out for every season. Find one with fall colors, or fun fall quotes. You can even layer your door mat over a simple fall rug.

  1. Fall Wreaths

Luckily our custom corner makes fall wreaths for every season. Fall wreaths are an easy addition to your door. Buy premade wreaths or, customize your own to match your style. Bonus tip, repaint your front door for an extra pop of fall.

  1. Porch Pots

Porch pots are of course great for your porch, but also great for lining your steps. Mums are hardy and can stand the cold drop of weather. To prolong the show, water when dry and remove spent flowers. 

  1. Stackable Pumpkins

Line your steps with pumpkins for a cohesive porch look. Our stackable heirloom pumpkins come in different colors and sizes. We even have tiny pumpkins to create your own porch pumpkin patch!

  1. Straw Buddies

These straw buddies are the perfect cherry on top! They look great in your fall annuals or straw bales.

Next, let’s move indoors for some of our fall favorites.

  1. Glass Pumpkins

These pumpkins are great if you’re looking to build a mini table landscape. They add an elegant touch to your foyer, mantle or even side table. 

  1. Fall Silks

These are great for DIY projects. They can be arranged just as you’d arrange flowers. Group leaves by size and color. 

  1. Halloween Decor

For all our spooky friends! It’s never too early (or late) to set up your Halloween decor. Keep it simple with a small magic crystal ball. Or go big with life-size skeletons! 

  1. Fall Scents 

As soon as you walk into your home there’s nothing better than the smell of fall. Our boutique carries fall scents in candles, potpourri, soaps, lotions, and more. Some fall scents include pumpkin spice and cinnamon apple!

  1. Fall Ribbon

Lastly, a fall ribbon is perfect to finish off any DIY projects. You can build a fall bow or put it around your mantle. 

Happy decorating!