“Ice Dragon”
Very cold hardy
leaves are more tolerant of sun and heat

Beautiful white flowers late summer
leaves turn red and burgundy in fall
Small specimen tree

Maple “Paperbark”
Small size
Bark exfoliates in curls
No tar spot
Beautiful red fall color


Witch Hazel “Arnolds Promise”
Lovely yellow flowers in spring
Golden orange foliage in fall

Oakleaf Hydrangea “Ruby Slippers”
Very cold hardy buds
Burgundy fall foliage

Chokeberry “Low Scape”
Brilliant red fall color
White flowers in spring
Small size
Nature species

Shade Perennials

“Sun King Aralia”
2020 perennial plant of the year
Bright green foliage

Pulmonaria “Twinkle Toes”
Spring flowers
Silver and green foliage

Astilbe “Color Flash”
Dark red and green foliage
Summer flowers

Anemone “September Charm”
Fall flowers
Bright green foliage

Sun Perennials

Sedum “Neon”
Bright pink flowers
Drought tolerant

Pennisetum “RedHead”
Short grass has black foxtail