Properly cleaning garden tools helps prevent the spread of diseases, fungi, insects, and weeds. It also extends the life of your tools by removing moisture and soil buildup.

To stop the spread of any diseases or fungi, use a disinfectant (such as Lysol), rubbing alcohol, or bleach (one part to 9 parts water) between each use. Any tool that comes in contact with garden soil should be washed off with water at the maximum pressure. Using a hard bristle brush can remove any clay or stubborn soil. Give the tools a quick dry with a cotton rag.

Tools used for chopping, cutting, or trimming like axes, pruners, or knives should be wiped down with a cloth rag to remove any sap or gum from the blades. A paint thinner can be used to remove sticky plant sap if necessary. Spray tools with a light coat of motor oil before wiping to prevent rusting. Use linseed oil or other wood protection for wooden handles.

Sharpening tools should be done at least at the end of every season using a hand file, diamond
sharpener, or grinder. Always follow product instructions so they work properly.