Having plants in your bedroom is a great way to create the peaceful and tranquil environment we all strive for. Whether your room is flooded with natural light or is dependent on lamps for lighting, there is a houseplant perfect for you.

Snake Plant

A “black thumb” gardener’s best friend. Also known as Mother-In-Law’s-Tongue. If you notoriously forget to water your plants and often find yourself throwing them out, the snake plant might be right for you. These beautiful, simple plants can left without water for weeks at a time. They have very few insect problems. They like indirect sunlight and not too much water. Generally want to be watered every 2-4 weeks and even less in the winter. Wait for the soil to be completely dry. Definitely a must have for beginners.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Often shown in magazines, these plants make a great addition to most rooms. The tree form can grow up to 10 feet indoors. They do not like drafts, soil that is too wet or too dry, too much or not enough sun, or dry air. While this seems complex, they just like everything in moderation. Indirect light, away from windows and vents, is great. They like to be watered with lukewarm water once the top inch of soil is dry. Water thoroughly and empty the saucer once it’s drained completely. Try adding a humidifier to the room for the best results.


These trailing plants just as happy hanging in the corner as they are on a table in the center of the room. Preferring a medium to slightly low light, wait to water till half the soil is dry. Like most plants, yellowing leaves generally indicate over-watering while browning leaves in under-watering. These fast growers can be cut right after a node on the leggy trails to help promote bushiness.

Peace lily

Our awarded Tropical Plant of the Month for September is among the easiest plants to care for. Light level varies from low to medium light. They like to keep out of direct sun as it will damage the leaves. Wait to water as your plant will start to wilt letting you know it’s time for some water. Note: the closer to medium light the plant gets, the more white leaves, or white flags, you will get.

Aloe Vera

This succulent plant loves a bright spot in the room. They are drought tolerant and won’t mind if you forget to water them for a few weeks. Their healing gel on the inside is great for cuts, sunburns, and can make a great facial. When cutting off leaves, its best to remove the entire leaf. Harvest from the bottom of the plant first, and cut as close to the main stem as possible. Let the yellow latex drip out of the cut before using the aloe. Avoid overwatering to keep away diseases and pests.