Calling all fall lovers!! Fall into the season with these items perfect for your favorite season. Farmer John’s has you covered. From spooky decor to cozy sweaters, here are 8 essentials for fall 2021. 

  1. Stackable Pumpkins

If you’ve been to Farmer John’s recently you’d see the tons of pumpkins outside our storefront. Everything from pie pumpkins to heirloom pumpkins to your favorite carvable pumpkins. These are perfect to give your home that touch of fall. Tip, you can try stacking, painting, baking, and carving them!

  1. Your Favorite Fall Sweater 

Shop for your favorite fall sweater in our boutique. Tons of different styles to cozy up as the weather gets cooler. Farmer John’s has some great layering pieces to keep you warm all season long.

  1. This candle that smells like apple cider

This fall we are focusing on all the senses. Make your home smell as good as warm apple cider! This one even looks like a pot of fresh cider. 

  1. A cozy fall snack

A little birdie told me Farmer John’s just started carrying some yummy popcorn. Poppy makes gluten-free handcrafted popcorn in many different flavors! The perfect fall snack to munch on this year. 

  1. Houseplants that thrive in fall 

As the weather gets colder, some of our favorite plants may not be too happy. Luckily our greenhouse staff has great recommendations for fall houseplants. Try an Alocasia Polly, Croton, or Bromeliad! 

  1. Glass Pumpkins

These glass pumpkins are great to add a classy touch of the fall in your home.

  1. Halloween Decor

Fall season means spooky season, and Farmer John’s is ready with Halloween decorations. Festive hats, candy buckets, Halloween silks, and more. Check out our Halloween section and get ready for the holiday.

  1. Scarecrow Buddies 

Last but not least, these scarecrow buddies are perfect for the entire season. They are small enough to fit on your favorite plant or hay bale. With tons of different options, you’ll find the perfect scarecrow buddy for you! 

Farmer John’s has you covered this fall. Check out our youtube page where we list our top favorite essentials. What’s your favorite on our list?