Picking a Silhouette:

  • Skinny jeans are great for enhancing your figure.
  • Wider leg jeans can give the illusion of longer or slimmer legs, or shortening the torso.

Dos and Don’ts

  • For mom or straight jeans, opt for a longer blazer that hits mid-thigh to create a more slimming shape. Pick shoes that allow the jean to fall all the way to the furthest part of the ankle to elongate the leg. Avoid higher ankle shoes because the proportions don’t balance
  • Skinny jeans balance out with chunkier shoes and tops. They pair well with oversized statement accessories too.


  • Outfit One:
    • Mom jeans, high neck white tank, blue and white plaid blazer, basket bag/tote, nude flats
  • Outfit Two:
    • Off white jeans, black one-shoulder tank, black block heel sandals, small black bag
  • Outfit Three:
    • Low rise straight leg, white button-down, new white sneakers, silk scarf, basket bag
  • Outfit Four: 
    • Skinny jeans, blue lace cami, white sneakers, bag of choice

Outfit One

All the jeans we are styling today are from the brand Kut. This first pair here is their high-rise Rachel mom jean, in a medium wash with this raw hem detail on the ankle. With this specific fit of jeans, I like to pair them with a longer blazer. One that hits about mid-thigh to create a more slimming look on the thigh. To balance the looser jeans and looser blazer, I’ve paired this with a fitted tank top. This tank has a high neckline giving the illusion of length. For shoes, I try to look for something with a lower ankle. This will let the jeans fall all the way to the furthest part of the ankle and not bunch up at the bottom. This helps elongate the leg. Accessories add your own personality to the outfit. I love the warmth of gold jewelry for spring and summer, as well as the summery look of this wicker basket bag.

Outfit Two 

The second pair of jeans we’ll be styling are the Kut high-rise Reese ankle straight jean. They are a beautiful ivory color with a frayed ankle detail. To balance out some of the bulk of the jeans that come from the high waist and frayed hem, I paired it with a fitted tank top. The top is a very beautiful one-shoulder piece that gives a very fashion forward look. Tucking it in keeps the shape of the high-waisted jeans. I chose black open-toe heels to elongate the legs, and not look overpowering with the rest of the outfit. I matched the black top to my shoes to look more cohesive. Also because the all black top and accessories make this pair of off-white jeans shine and stand out. Lastly, I chose this black shoulder bag to once again continue with the sleek and trendy look. 

Outfit Three

Our third pair is the Kut mid-rise Reese ankle straight, in a medium light wash. The waist is a little on the low side so I wanted to go with a longer top. These jeans have a slimmer fit and lower waist, they are best balanced out with more volume on the top. I chose this classic and flowy white button down. For a bit of visual interest I tucked it in halfway, and to avoid completely losing the waist. Again I matched the shoes to the shirt for a clean and cohesive look. For a pop of color, I added this silky neck scarf, and again this super summery basket bag.

Outfit Four

For our final outfit, I pulled this pair of Kut high-rise Connie ankle skinny jeans in a dark wash. I wanted something looser with more volume on the top, while still showing off the waistline created by the high rise of the jeans. For that purpose, I chose this dusty blue lace trimmed cami. The cami gives me the volume that I’m looking for but tucks into the jeans very nicely. The blue of the jeans is dark and contrasting enough to pull off a full blue ensemble. The colors on the floral tote bag I chose not only match the outfit but add some new ones to it as well.