Our sock gnomes are designed so you are able to change out the sock hat depending on the holiday. All the supplies are provided for your gnome in our take-home kit. We will walk you through every step. A special thank you to “It’s Always Autumn” blog for the inspiration. 

Let’s get started!


1 Foam Cone, 1 Decorative Sock (for the hat, note your sock will end up upside down), 1 Solid Color Sock (body), 1 Piece Faux Fur, 1 Wood Bead, 1 White Puff (3 if you’re making legs), 1 Holiday Charm, Scissors, Glue Gun and a Pencil. 

Step 1: 

Start with your short, solid-colored sock. Cut just past the heel, so you’re left with the bottom part of the sock. Pull your sock over the bottom of your cone about halfway up. Hot glue the sock onto your cone. 

Step 2:

Time to cut your beard. Take your fur and flip over. Use your pencil to outline your beard shape. I made a shape similar to a rounded triangle. 

TIP: When cutting be very careful not to cut through the fur part, you just want to cut the backing. This way you will keep that full beard effect. To do this, I parted the fur out of the way so I could just focus on cutting the backing…

Step 3:

Hot glue your beard onto the bottom half of your foam. Make sure to glue the beard onto the sock, leaving part of the sock showing. Then, take your wood bead and hot glue it in the middle of your sock, on top of the beard.

Step 4: 

Flip your sock inside out and place upside down on your table. Cut a diagonal line starting at the heel, reference the first picture. After you cut, you’ll have two sections. The left or “heel” you cut off will be saved for later. The right or “ankle” side will be your hat. To make your hat, hot glue the sock on the cut line then turn the sock right side out.

Step 5:

Place your hat on the top of your cone. Hot glue a white puff on top of your hat. Then decorate with a holiday charm or two! I placed my charm on the top of the hat as well.


Step 6: (Optional)

Your gnome could be complete and you can stop right here! Or if you want to add on legs, let’s continue to the last step. Take your leftover sock and cut it into two strips. Roll each strip and hot glue to make a little log shape. Hot glue the legs onto the bottom of your gnome and add two puffballs on top of the feet.

All finished!!

Enjoy your new gnome friend:)