Ever noticed the serotonin that runs through your body when you walk into an indoor jungle? Or you’ve noticed that one coworker who always has a plant on their desk? There’s a scientific reason for that. Plants reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress. Today we are looking at plants known to reduce stress levels and improve your mental health. 

The Science Behind Mental Health and Nature: 

Improving your well-being can be as simple as placing a plant on your desk. A study found that houseplants brought emotional benefits to 74% of participants. It’s proven spending time around nature can reduce stress and increase energy.  The University of Michigan found that memory increases when participants are around plants. Plants also detoxify the air from harmful chemicals. Coming home to your plant baby after a stressful day can be therapeutic. Not sure where to start with all this plant knowledge? Here are some of our favorite plants known to improve your mental health. 

5 Plants Found to Improve Your Mental Health 


Mum season is upon us and these gorgeous flowers can work to improve your mental health. Mums boost your mood and lessen symptoms of anxiety. 


There’s a reason why it’s a fragrance used for aromatherapy. Lavender creates a calming atmosphere and reduces anxiety levels. Tip: To aid sleep, keep this houseplant by your bed.

Aloe Vera

Aloe is great for someone who tends to pour too much from their cup before filling their own. Aloe is therapeutic, easy to care for, and has many soothing benefits. Aloe has antibacterial properties. The plant naturally treats wounds like burns and sores.

Peace Lily 

NASA found that the peace lily is best at filtering the air of harmful toxins. A peace lily will improve the flow of energy in your home.

Snake plant 

Snake Plants are easy to care for since they love dry soil. They provide a strong protective energy to your space and boost creativity. They are a reminder that even through the toughest times, you’re able to grow through it.

Simply engaging in gardening can bring joy and purpose. It allows you to destress and put your energy into something. Pick your favorite plant from our list and take in all the benefits. Good luck with your new stress-free plant roommate!