Myth: If you want your plant to grow big, plant it in a big pot.

 There are many, MANY reasons we do not recommend repotting small plants into large pots. The biggest reason is your plant will be more susceptible to root rot. The plant can only take in so much water and will be sitting in water as the soil takes much longer to dry out. When repotting plants, we generally recommend choosing a pot no more than 2” larger than its previous pot.

Myth: You should water your plants every week.

This could be true for some plants, but definitely not all plants. While every plant is different, checking the soil is the most important part of watering. You may notice many plants need water about once a week, but they will tell you when they need water by the soil. Watering any plant when it still has water can lead to root rot. Always feel the soil for moisture before watering.

Myth: Indoor plants require a lot of sunlight.

While some plants benefit from full sun, it depends on the plant. Most tropical plants prefer less sun. Many plants suffer from sunburn when left in direct sun. Keeping your plants further away from windows or putting a sheer curtain over the window will soften the sun rays.

Myth: If your plant is looking sad, give it fertilizer.

Plants generally don’t need as much fertilizer as you may think. When planted in the ground, a little extra fertilizer can be washed away into the ground, but in a pot there is no escape. Less is more when it comes to a plant in a pot. Your plant will rarely look unhappy due to fertilizer and is more likely an issue with water or sunlight. Adding too much fertilizer to an already stressed plant will only cause more stress. Find the root of the problem before fertilizing again.