The Farmer John’s Almanac

Best Plants for Your Bedroom

Having plants in your bedroom is a great way to create the peaceful and tranquil environment we all strive for. Whether your room is flooded with natural light or is dependent on lamps for lighting, there is a houseplant perfect for you. Snake Plant A “black thumb”...

Evergreens for Everyone

Benefits of Evergreens Unlike many plants, evergreens keep their foliage year-round. They are known to endure our cold weather. They can be used for decoration, privacy, or protection from the wind. What to Consider? When choosing an evergreen, you will need to know...

Can Houseplants Really Purify the Air?

As you shop houseplants you might see certain plants advertised as “air purifiers.” If you’ve ever wondered if houseplants are really an effective way to purify the air, then the answer is yes! Indoor plants have been proven to remove cancer-causing volatile organic...
Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are known as the bringers of peace. These air purifying plants are among the easiestplants to care for. Light level: Peace lilies enjoy medium to low light. Placing them in low light will promote more of the traditional green foliage while medium-light...

Clean Tools are Happy Tools

Clean Tools are Happy Tools

Properly cleaning garden tools helps prevent the spread of diseases, fungi, insects, and weeds. It also extends the life of your tools by removing moisture and soil buildup. To stop the spread of any diseases or fungi, use a disinfectant (such as Lysol), rubbing...


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